Tuesday, November 30

Grani and Papa's Tree Trimming

There is an annual Mayfield Christmas Tradition of one of the Mayfield families going to Grani and Papa's house the Monday after Thanksgiving and decorating their tree for them.
Grani always has the tree assembled and it is a clean slate for whatever decorations have been made/chosen to adorn it that year.
 2010 was the Callahans turn at tree trimming.  This photo makes me ROLL!  Those are my dear hubbies legs sticking out from behind the tree as he wraps the lights on the tree.  He has been battling a wicked sinus infection so he was an extra good sport to help out.
 The 'plan' was to use Grani's colored lights (she loves color!) and her fabric garland, and then all the ornaments were white and cream.
 We used all of our white/cream ornaments and then also dug through Grani's stash and grabbed some of her snowflakes, etc.  This soccerball ornament of hers is 'classic' Mayfield.  Soccer and Auburn Football are two HUGE loves in this family.
 One of the first years we did the tree trimming tradition I made a snowman ornament representing each family member.  Grani kept hers and Papa's and they are on the tree again this year.
 Savannah, Christian, and Ty did all the ornament placement.  With the annoying 'peanut gallery' sitting on the couch pointing out the empty spots.  We were lucky they didn't feel the need to lob an ornament attack on us back seat decorators :)
 I think the effect of the colored lights with the white ornaments was quite beautiful!
 Alisha and her family did the tree last year.  Not sure I ever posted about it, but it was phenomenal. Alisha made silhouettes of each family member and put them in individual frames.  After Christmas we all helped Grani hang the 'ornaments' permanently on her entry wall and added this phrase that truly does show what a wonderful HUGE family can result from two people falling in love.
So each Christmas Grani and Papa can look forward to a totally new tree creation and also are guaranteed some extra time with grandkids which is always a perk!


Cari said...

I inherited my love of colored lights from her.

Debbie said...

The tree looks great!