Sunday, July 31

The Blessing of Protection

A few weeks ago, Shawn got home from work and decided to do some weedeating around the farm.  He stores his lawn equipment in our Carriage House.  After he finished working he walked back into the Carriage House and could smell smoke.  He knocked on Misty's Loft door (she rents our loft that is above the Carriage House garages).  He thought maybe she had burnt her dinner or something.  No.  She also had smelt something burning but assumed we were burning something in our burnpile in the back pasture.  And so goes the next series of events:
 These are a picture of our garage door openers in the Carriage House.  Notice the plastic covers on the front... they house the light bulbs that come on when you open the doors.
 Misty and Shawn started investigating where the burning smell could have been coming from.  They immediately found THIS.  The wood we had stored on the floor that we are using to panel the new studio.  It was actually in flames when they found it.  Shawn put the flames out and came and got me, I was in the main house.
We were so perplexed.  How could this wood just up and catch on fire.  But then I looked closer and I thought I saw splatters of wax. 
 Nope.  It was plastic... causing us to look UP!!  This is what we saw... simultaneously gasping.  Now look again at the above picture.  That is a scorched bird's nest.
 We have come to realize that the plastic cover on these garage door openers is actually OPEN on the top, I assume to prevent the light bulb from getting too hot.  BUT this allows birds to then build nests inside the cover, right on top of the light bulb!  Which one did.  Then when Shawn opened the garage door that day, the light bulb turned on, and the bulb caught the nest on fire... causing this fire.
 We all stood there trembling to realize that there were gas cans, a 4wheeler full of gas, AND a lawnmower full of gas sitting under this garage door opener.  Not to mention that the ceiling was burned but did not actually catch fire.  This could have escalated so quickly had Shawn not entered the garage right at the time that he did after weedeating.
I have shed many tears over the 'might have beens'.  I insisted that ALL garage door openers (because we have the same in our house garage too) be purged from the property.  Pretty much picture me ranting, raving, full blown ugly crying, and over all freaking out... I do it well!

But finally I calmed.  I was sure to drop to my knees and give thanks for the protection received that day... most importantly for Misty, and a far second... our property.  Now on Shawn's urgent 'to do' list is to put screen over the openings of the bulb covers on the garage openers to prevent future nest immediately on the bulbs.

I know we have trials to strengthen us.  I am so thankful that Misty in any way being harmed was not a trial we had to face that day.  And while we had gotten a tad robotic in our prayers asking for His kind protection on our family and loved ones... that same protection is NOW being asked for in a much more meaningful, sincere context... and with daily gratitude too!!

Friday, July 29


aka: Kena, Kenne, Kena Pooh, Princess Cutie Bootie (she's gonna be mad about that one later in life), and the list goes on and on.  Little Miss Kenadie was the youngest kiddo, out of 7 siblings and cousins, living on the farm for 4 weeks.  She sure made things sweeter around here.  I will never tire of her little voice.  She 'held her own' and ran with the big kids, taking VERY few naps... much to the exhaustion of her mom ;)  She... ate lots of oatmeal and cereal, played in the mud, road 4wheelers, conquered the huge hammock, played Wii and ipads, was a puzzle maniac (I hear this gene comes from her Nuna), ate her dinner with bribes to get milkshakes for dessert, slip 'n slided, waterballoon battled, played with chicks, roasted hot dogs and marshmallows, and MUCH more.
 But what I could not wait for each day from Miss Kena... was the first glimpse of her bed head.
 Oh dear, this little diva could rock her sleepy 'do.  Not many people could still be termed cute with this swirling on top of their noggin', but she could.
 And the true phenomenon to this whole hair thing is... while the rest of us wake up and 'tame' our tresses for the day, then step out into the humidity for 2.2 seconds only to see it frizz out to disastrous proportions... NOT Kena!  She wakes with bed head fro and steps outside into the humidity and her hair curls up into the sweetest, softest, little ringlets.  Case in point...
 It needs to be stated that their was some serious cousin loves exchanged between these two.  I don't know who was smitten more, but Christian and Kenadie sure loved to hang out! 
 And this mom sure loves her teenage son and that he slowed down long enough to give this sweet cousin of his all the time in the world.  Afterall, it couldn't have been ALL fun and games for her not being in her own bed, having her own toys, being able to run freely in her own backyard... but Christian sure helped ease the upheaval of all that is normal to her.  Hero!
Miss seeing her DAILY.  Those giggles, her polka dot PJs, her chocolatey smile, her painted masterpieces... HER!

Monday, July 25

Market Monday

Got my booth restocked this week.  Sorry if you visited over this weekend... the numbered dresser sold and when I arrived today, the booth was in total disarray.  Whew!  I did some flip flopping of big pieces so I could squeeze in some more furniture and it is packed FULL.  Hope you Enjoy the pics this week.... here.  Thanks!!!

Sunday, July 24

ONE happy farm...

Yesterday we had 90+ friends and family on the farm to celebrate Pioneer Day.  Our Primary children, ages 18months to 11 years, along with Primary leaders and teachers all came to participate in activities to help us remember what the early Pioneers did to bless our lives today.    Our Primary Presidency is brilliant.  The whole day was an absolute success and joy to see.
 This adorable covered wagon welcomed all the 'Pioneers' to the farm.
 Each child was given the name of an actual pioneer child that crossed the plains so many years ago.  The children were given handmade bonnets, aprons, and vests.  They spent several hours re-enacting events, trials, and visiting 'locations' that the early pioneers would have experienced.
 They visited Chimney Rock, Fort Bridger, crossed the Platte River... and many other sites.
 They learned about handcarts and how they could only hold the bare essentials.
 It was quite a challenge to maneuver the handcart over the bridge...
over the rocky terrain, and through the woods... WHEW!!
 So many skills learned in one morning.  Everywhere I looked one of my littles from Nursery was working hard and I just did not think my heart could keep from bursting.  Oh how I love them!
 Savannah brought several of the animals to the front pasture for the children to see, pet, and hold.
 Children that were a tad intimidated by the larger animals at first... slowly would gain courage and trust and pet and feed the horse and donkeys.
 Jed brought his Angus from his farm a few properties down from ours.  I think cows are so gorgeous!  
 Willow, our little goat, was a crowd pleaser.  Most of the children had met her when Savannah took her to the Christmas party in a diaper... she was just weeks old then.  She is a smoozer, the children obviously like a good smoozer.
 After all the activities, the children were thoroughly hot and exhausted... the leaders brilliantly pulled out the yummy snacks and water.  Earlier the children made homemade butter and this was then spread on homemade bread... add to that dried fruits and you have happy kiddos!!
 The children spent the rest of the time on the hammock, running around, jumping off logs, and resting in the adirondacks.
 Shawn gave a few of the children a little spin around the farm on the 4-wheeler.  So much for handcarts and roughing it...
 One word:  BRAVO!  This was such a fantastic day.  The work and thought that was involved in pulling off such a large and successful event was so wonderful.  And to go to church today and sit with our Nursery littles as they remembered the fun they had was just a delight.  Thank you Primary Presidency!