Friday, November 19

{19} I am Thankful for...

... kids that love to cook.
It has probably been well over a years since I personally made the dessert for a Family Night.
And now Savannah and Christian even make their own dessert or snack to take to Bishop Youth Discussions.  Score!  In fact, they have a BYD this Sunday and have already planned out that they will make peanut butter creme pies.  Of course I supported their choice with one stipulation... they have to make one to leave at home for me and Ty, snicker.

Here is Ty making the oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies we had last week.  It was an easy effort from a mix but he did not need my help at all and they were yummy!!

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danakat said...

Loved catching up on your thankfuls!
Quick question...what is that burlap-y thing with the floppy pocket in the picture of S reading in a chair? I have to know!!!