Wednesday, November 17

{17} I am Thankful for...

... the challenge of homeschooling.
And boy oh boy, some days it can be a real challenge but we love it.  So thankful that we gave it a chance because it has been the perfect fit for us at this time.
 Busted!!  Catching a snooze when he is supposed to be reading!
Sorry Mr. Dickens... seems Christian does not find your book stimulating enough.


Sharon said...

I am enjoying the Homeschooling experience too. Thinking about taking on the rest of the kids, but we will see. So, what curriculum do you use? Is it all Internet based?

woodsermom said...

I have so enjoyed this series of posts. Thank you for the reminder to "in all things, give thanks". I LOVE homeschooling, but it is HARD! It is illegal over here which has really made me so thankful (grateful) that I can home educate my children - good reminder to not take it for granted. We are going to have a big THANKSgiving feast here next week with several German families -should be big fun! We miss y'all - even though we (you and I) did not spend alot of time together it was comforting just knowing you were next door fighting the good fight! And that I could borrow a cup of sugar (not 600 ml of zucker!) anytime. The kids miss your wonderful children greatly, muchly and grossly!! (Sorry for the long post)