Wednesday, November 24

{24} I am Thankful for...

 ... motherhood.

I never had any illusions that motherhood would be a breeze... I am the second oldest of 8 children after all, so I witnessed the task first hand by watching my mother.

 I'm so thankful that we were blessed with our 3 children.  I'm thankful that against complicated odds that I was indeed able to have children.  I'm thankful that they are all so very different and bless me and challenge me each and every day.  I am thankful that they are all so independent, and while it pains me to see them growing up so fast... I am excited for them to experience all the wonderful things they have ahead of them too!

Yesterday, Ty and I hit a brick wall while doing Creative Writing.  Not a little brick wall, a gigantic big black wall, crunch.  Ty writes all the time!  He has several word documents at this very moment on my computer with 'novels' in various levels of completion.  So can anyone, please, explain to me why in the tarnation does he have such a meltdown when asked to write a story for school?
I've been told that creative types don't do well when asked to do something, in this case writing, that needs to fit inside specific criteria.  I get that somewhat.  But the facts are that the boy will need this skill in the future and he needs to be able to write on specific topics sometimes.
Well, suffice it to say... our little school session ended with me, possibly loudly, sending Ty to time out.  THEN immediately changing my mind, and I sent MYSELF to timeout... afterall, why should he get to go to his room in quiet solitude?  I wanted quiet solitude... so I maturely stomped off to my room and dramatically flounced myself upon my bed. 
Then I promptly fell asleep.  Exhausted I tell ya!!
I woke to my creative writing nightmare of a child, Ty, lying next to me and holding my hand.  I opened my eyes and looked at this beautiful boy of mine.

He whispered that he finally did write his story.  And told me it was about a purple and green dragon that flew into his closed bedroom window at night.  The dragon was injured, so Christian and he bandaged his wounds and the dragon was able to fly away.  

Then Ty looked at me and said, " Do you remember the promise you made me... that I made you too?" 
He continued, "The promise that when you are a grouch that I will still love you, and when I am a grouch you will love me back?" Ahhhh, that promise.

 "I love you son!"
"I love you too mom!"


Stefanie H said...

**teary eyes**. haha :) How sweet.

Debbie said...

That is too, too sweet!