Wednesday, November 3

{2&3} I am Thankful for...

...our boys!
Miracles that happened 6 years apart.
Christian was a splendid surprise.  After being told we may never be able to have children and trying for almost 2 years for Savannah... just weeks after having Savannah we found out we were pregnant again.  What?!  We were prepared to have to try and wait again for years before even hoping another baby would come to our family.  Savannah and Christian are only 1 year 2 weeks apart.  Christian was a tough baby and a handful of a toddler... but seriously has been a relative breeze ever since.

Ty was also a huge surprise.  I personally had stopped hoping for another baby.  I actually had contentment that our family of 4 must be complete.  Afterall, Christian was almost 6 and we had been trying all those years to have a baby.  But yet, so very thankfully, we were indeed meant to be a family of 5 afterall.  Ty's pregnancy was riddled with complications and just plain crazy stuff... but he is here!  Ty was an easy baby and an even easier toddler.  He is a stubborn 8 year old and we will see what wild ride that has in store for us, grin.

Boys... !  The noise, the laughter, the fights, the mess...
Such a blessing!

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Kim Mayfield said...

Ah, boys... there is nothing quite like them! And you have two keepers!!