Friday, November 5

{5} I am Thankful for...

... Homeowner's Insurance.
Yep, it has been a real blessing to us this year.
2010 will be remembered for the amount of water damage that happened to the house.
 It is hard to tell in these photos but this was the latest damage caused to our downstairs ceilings and mouldings because of a line break in the upstairs toilet, sigh.
 I discovered this problem because of the flooded hardwoods in the entry... heartattack!!  It was a Sunday morning and Shawn had already left for his church meetings, so I had the delight of discovering the horrible mess on my own. 
 But in the end, the toilet was fixed... no structural damage, walls are being repainted as I type, and the floor damage was minimal and nothing a little dab of refinisher won't fix.
So, now that the initial shock and tears are gone, I indeed am thankful that we can pay a minimal deductible and have everything put back to what it was.  And more importantly, I am thankful that our little 'disasters' this year were not the kind that risked the well-being of our family.

After the painter leaves today, we will start saving for our next deductible to repair the roof and Savannah's ceiling.  It is in a safe holding pattern but needs permanent repairing asap.  Hope 2011 proves to be a year with NO paid insurance deductibles.  Cause have I mentioned we had to pay a couple car repair deductibles this year too?... all I'm saying is that they had nothing to do with me... hee-hee... hubby had an off year :)

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Lisha said...

Poor Shawn, but it is nice when it isn't YOUR fault!!! :) Glad things are getting put back together.