Saturday, November 20

{20} I am Thankful for...

... to do lists.
I have mentioned my love of to do lists before, but that love occurred fairly recently.  I've always been a to do list maker, but it wasn't till I took control of the list and stopped letting it control me, that they have truly worked for me.
Meaning, I am quite a list snob... not just anything can get on the list.  Nope.  My life is divided into 3 very important categories... I'm sure these categories are different for everyone... and if something comes along and it doesn't fall in one of my three categories, it does NOT get a sliver of my time, an ounce of my worry, nor a line on my to do list.

This gorgeous Saturday morning finds me reveling in the beginning of a very long time coming TO DO.  My sweetheart and two older children are at the temple, Ty is off working on building a birdhouse, and I am giddy about starting a new project.

I am ready to transform our little dining corner.  I had a vision for this dining corner before the house was built... and this ain't it, so this is the 'before'.
When we built the house, I even had the lighting guys hang the chandelier so that it would be placed perfectly for my future vision of this space.
The round table ( I shall never part with) will get some refinishing and it gets to stay.  My newly placed plates and menu board or part of my plan.  And the chandelier is a keeper.  But my yummy comfy Pottery Barn chairs are finding a new home at my sil's house, and everything else changes.
 A quick look at the future 'players' in my redo, but not even they will look as they currently do when I am done, grin.
*3 huge ottomans, which open for incredible extra storage;
 *several cheap linen shower curtains;
 *and 3 new parson chairs (not as comfy as PB chairs but hopeful they will soften up and be great) and I will explain when project is complete why they for where I am going with this revamp.
So, YAY for my to do list, but more importantly... yay for the realization that I must say NO to some things that try to creep onto my list, so I am then able to focus on projects that challenge me and make me happy to start and finish.  I need to have this completed by Christmas when I have a huge influx of Mayfield's over for dinner!  Nothing like a deadline to help a to do GET DONE!

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danakat said...

Can. Not. Wait. To see the "after"!
I love a good, healthy dose of Dawn-envy. :)