Wednesday, November 10

{10} I am Thankful for...

...our farm.
Some people, that have known me forever, say they had no idea that I wanted to live in the country.  But I can't remember a time that I wanted anything different.
I have the earliest memories of riding in a car and looking out the window at land, farm fencing, barns, animals, gravel driveways... I wanted that.
Something I DON'T remember is when, exactly, I clued Shawn in on my dream.
There are two 'A' words that describe Shawn and these words make him so very attractive to me...
Ambitious and Adaptable!
We would take Sunday drives shortly after moving back to Alabama.  Everything about Alabama is quite foreign to him, but he found beauty in it... just as his Utah mountains take my breath away.
We started looking at properties... he was always honest in what he felt was manageable and what was more than we needed.
On one of these Sunday drives is when we saw the 'For Sale' sign posted on the back of the old barn... on the perfect sized farm... in the ideal location... perfect!
My daily existence is what I always dreamed.
I have loved all our travels, and homes during years of college, graduate school, AirForce...
but there sure is something to be said about being done with that,
and living on a farm.
Settled.  Dreams Realized.

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Anonymous said...

I remember when you had found this place and you were so excited! Glad you are settled and in love with your home. :)