Thursday, October 11

Lost on a wonderful path...

I know I have been long gone from my sweet blog.  
I have so many things swirling in my head at the moment and feeling optimistic that some fun things are on the verge of becoming realities, if not now... at least in 2013.  
I have always dreamed BIG but simply.  Does that even make sense to anyone but me?  
This farm is a HUGE dream of mine, and I never wish to leave it... really.  I can have the biggest most wonderful event to attend elsewhere, and while I don't necessarily mourn leaving the farm to attend... I MOST definitely rejoice going home afterward.  
So my Big dreams are simple in the fact that they keep me where I most want to be... 

Wednesday, August 22

Wordless Wednesday

Wednesday, August 15

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, August 14


Random bits of my life right now....

loving:  the process of collecting inspiration pics for some future projects.

reading:  the April Ensign.

waiting for:  the washer to beep... today is laundry day and I am always listening for the beep.

excited about:  Fall and cooler temperatures.

missing:  being out on the lake, we hope to rectify that absence this Friday.

trying to:  plan out a laundry room completion, it has been in a holding pattern for too long.

 working on:  school schedules.

enjoying:  a quiet house because the kids are busy with their own tasks.

using:  my laptop which will no longer hold a charge and must be plugged in at all times, ugh!

wearing:  well, I'm feeling quite dressed up for a Tuesday!  I had a Visiting Teaching appt this 
               morning so I'm not in my usual attire... yoga pants and tshirt.  I hope to wear 
               something like this in the near future...

planning:  on finding some way to steal my husband away for a date this weekend.

needing:  a nap but there is just no time for one today, maybe tomorrow.

learning:  how to grow pumpkins for next year.  Trouble is there are many schools of thought 
               on the matter so I may be in for some trial and error.

listening:  to the sound of the sewing machine.  Savannah is busy sewing Little Dresses.

wishing:  there were more hours in the NIGHT!

doing:  my best to squirrel away some fun money for reunion in a few weeks.

praying for:  continued health and weight loss.

dreaming of:  climbing roses on a dining arbor... neither of which exist on our property but 
                maybe will someday ;)

Thursday, August 9

Wordless Wednesday... late

Wednesday, August 1

Wordless Wednesday

Monday, July 30

Little Dresses for Africa

 Savannah is on a mission.
She has set some goals for herself for the next year, her final year of high school and possibly her final year of living at home.  And one of those goals is to use one of her talents and do something good with it.  She loves to sew!
 I knew of a charity called Little Dresses for Africa.  They collect handmade dresses and then send them to little girls in Africa that are in need of basic necessities like clothing.  I know several friends that have served this charity and have had wonderful experiences while doing it.  I showed her their website and she researched it and came up with a plan.  She has a goal to personally sew and also spread the word and teach others how to make these needed dresses.
Do you want to help her?
If you sew... there are many tutorials on line for how to make a 'pillowcase dress', which is simply a dress made without zippers, buttons, or snaps.  It can actually be made from a pillowcase or from yardage fabric.  Savannah's personal favorite pattern is found HERE
You can send completed dresses to Savannah and she will package and mail them to the charity or you can send them directly to Little Dresses for Africa yourself (mailing/packaging info found on their website).  Please come back here and comment with how many dresses you send because Savannah would love to keep a running total of dresses donated throughout her Senior Year.  I will add a spot on my sidebar with that current total too.
If you don't sew... Savannah could use monetary donations to help with the cost of materials and shipping.

If you want to read an incredible article and watch videos about how Elder Jeffery R. Holland feels about the people of Africa... go HERE!  You may want a kleenex handy.

I'm very proud of my girl... I think you may have heard me say that a few times before, grin.