Friday, November 12

{12] I am Thankful for...

... how many times a day I am told 'I love you'.
(back in 2006, when I used to get tons of loves from my youngest)

Shawn is out of town so I had to wake Ty up extra early and take him with us to the church for Seminary.  I knew Ty and I would have to sit in the car and wait for 1 hour... that spells disaster for Ty.  I hoped he would just fall back to sleep but that would be too easy.  So I braced myself for the torture that was to be me trapped in a car with groucho.

But lo and behold, 8 year old son was chipper and talkative.
Of course his brilliant mom had some 'topics'  ready that were sure to bring out the best in him... like, what do you want for Christmas?  Yep, I'm a mastermind.

After chatting it up for a bit, there was a lull in the conversation and Ty let out a huge sigh and said,
"I love you mom."
My stubborn, moody, intense, son sure knows how to win over his mother.

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Debbie said...

So sweet. Taylor knows how to win me over too. If I'm upset about something, she'll plant a big kiss on me and give me a hug and say "That make you happy?"... it's really hard when I'm actually mad at her for something- she's a stinkin' genius at changing the subject!