Wednesday, December 1

She dared to dream

Our Savannah.
Our little girl that before she could even walk, would be out in the front yard and scoot over to our neighbors fence (in Nebraska) just to sit for however long I would let her and pet their puppy.

Our little girl that would watch 101 Dalmations over and over and OVER again... in one day!

Our little girl that collected every stuffed animal, all of them black and white, and meticulously take care of them.  Even after her first little dalmation puppy doll, that had a tail that would wag when you pulled the bone on its collar, broke... she did not care that it did not work any longer cause she 'wuved it big much'.
 This daughter of ours thats dream was to own as many animals as possible... is living her dream!
 When she leaves the farm, her puppy sits on the front porch awaiting her return.  When she pulls up in the truck, Cooper circles the truck looking to see which door his Savannah is in.  When Savannah is in the house, her puppy sits on the back porch outside the kitchen door so he will be ready and waiting if Savannah comes outside.
Our girl that whenever she can be seen by the pasture animals, they gather to her.  The goats will call out for her... especially her favorite Calli.  Our two donkeys that should have never survived their first winter because of the horrible condition they were in when we rescued them, now thrive and run, and follow Savannah from one end of this farm to the other.

This mother's dream?
To watch her daughter become the beautiful caretaker to these animals we love and know that her babygirl is living her dreams.

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Karen said...

What an amazing young lady. She would not be able to do this without an incredible Mom who helps her to achieve her dreams. Yeah for you. You're awesome.