Monday, November 1

Cast of Characters

 (thank you Kim for letting me snag this photo from you)
Ty requested months ago to be a cowboy... again.  He actually was a cowboy several years ago but loves the 'garb'.  He always gives his very serious tough guy face for his pictures.

Savannah was not going to dress up this year but found out that the Youth Dance in October was a costume party and wanted to participate.
She was a beautiful Vampire.
 She loved, LOVED these glittery bats... for a gal that doesn't do glitter... I was impressed!
 So shall I remind everyone that two years ago my son chose to be a toilet... proud mom moment!
Last year he was a trashcan, literally strapped on a can and trash!
This year.... a shower!
 I didn't even know how to help him, this is beYOND my creative capabilities so I just stayed out of his way as he implemented his design.  Well, I had to drive him to Lowe's so he could cruise the PVC and plumbing aisles... so I should get some credit right?!
I think the absolute genius of the setup was attaching it to his camping backpack frame.  Making it easy to put on and take off.... afterall he was wearing this thing to a dance need I remind you :)
 He snagged his Dad's robe, we even tracked him down a shower cap but my 'no fear' fellow was actually afraid of the shower cap, hilarious!
 Is anyone reminded of the classic Karate Kid Movie?  Anyone?


Sharon said...

Totally relivin' the Karate Kid moment! :) Such a creative guy. The gals will love that.

I LOVE those glittery bats too and nothing is as classic as a cowboy. Ya don't see many of them in these parts now-a-days. ;-)

danakat said...

Love your cast!

Cracking up @ the shower!! PRICELESS!!!

Karate true! LOL

Jen said...

So you must know that for the past 2 years when Halloween rolls around I beg each of my children to please, please, please be a toilet. That is my all-time favorite costume! So far no takers but I think I may have Kierstyn convinced to do it next year. Maybe I could get one of the boys to go as a shower and we could have a bathroom theme. :)

Stefanie H said...

He is unbelievably creative!!!

Quincy Sorensen said...

I love learning about your kids through your blog. The Halloween costumes say so much. Your Ty is about the cutest little guy ever. I can't believe Savannah is so old and grown-up now! And Christian wins The Best Costume Ever award in my book!