Thursday, May 27

Good Morning

When I first noticed that our house plan called for a french door going from the master bedroom out to the back porch... it caused me to pause.  Not sure I wanted a door right there.  We are porch people.  It is the first place we each go in the mornings.  Did I want that access/view right into out master?
So glad I just hushed and went with it.

While I still dream and hope for the day when we will actually have window treatments, snicker (none of our windows are standard sizes therefore requiring custom window coverings, chaching!!!)... until then I love waking up first thing in the morning to this view.

This morning's sights and sounds... birds galore, clucking chickens, donkeys making a ruckus, the ping of Ty's bat as he must me in the backyard practicing his batting, Cooper pacing the back porch waiting for breakfast, and Savannah sitting on the back steps with a kitten.

I will forever be thankful that I went with Walnut wood floors too.  I just can't get enough of the color variation they offer.  It has been so fun mixing wood tones in this house, clear from the dark espressos of this dough bowl to the bleached out tones of this amazing leaning mirror.  Again, I almost let some little fears... concerns of the banding in Walnut being too 'busy' and zebra-ish, scare me away!  So glad I took the leap.

Hope your morning is wonderful.  After the rain last night, it looks like today is going to be a beautiful, clean day!!

Tuesday, May 25

So much drama...

bottled up in this one little puppy.

Especially when Savannah has determined that it is time for a bath.

Doesn't your heart just pound for those pityful eyes.  Cooper is convinced that he has just had the most torturous treatment ever inflicted upon a stinky farm dog.

And I'm sure he will file his formal complaints right after a well deserved nap.
It takes a lot out of a guy to be bathed, dried, and overall pampered.

Thursday, May 20

mishaps, murmurings, and lil' mama

'Uneventful' would NOT be the word to describe our May 2010.
Not the word.

We had our Carriage House Septic pump being temperamental, ewwww!
Savannah has a leak in her bedroom ceiling that was literally pouring, not dripping, pouring water out of her moulding on Sunday.
And yesterday morning we woke to water pouring out of our garage ceiling.

Good news... if bad things come in 3's... we should be done, right?!  At least for May?!

So our favorite plumber came and saved the day yesterday.  Gotta love a great plumber ;)
Septic problem a quick fix.  Leak in garage, not so quick.  After one large check to pay the bill, guilty toilet from upstairs is fixed... but massive drywall damage in garage will have to wait a really long time before it is fixed... at this point counting our blessings that it is only in the garage.

Now we find ourselves on a waiting list with a roofer to knock out our other leak.
Bad news... rain is in the forecast, grumble.
Not sure at this point how bad the damage will be in Savannah's room... still drying out from damage on Sunday and fearing more damage from incoming rain before roof problem can be solved.
Whimper.  But our roof pitch is not a do-it-yourself project, hope Shawn can go into attic and perform some type of miracle stall job till we get some help.

Meanwhile, on to happier things at the homestead...
Meet lil' mama...

aka, Eden.

She has found Aunt Dawn's antique baby rocker.
Can you read her mind?
I can... she is thinking, "Aunt Dawn is putty in my hands!"

Eden wouldn't hold still for a second to let me get a decent photo though.
Forgive me a cruel chuckle, cause she did NOT make a graceful exit.
Seems she got a tad hung up, snicker.

Did I mention this little gal has some spunk.
Literally one time when she was at the farm a fiesty hen pecked her, and Eden gave the hen WHAT FOR!
That hen won't be pecking Eden again, I'm just sayin'.

So, after several minutes of battling with the rocker, Eden came out victorious.
But she was sure to let us adults know that she did not appreciate the laughter from the peanut gallery.
We all apologized and I think we were forgiven, not sure.

Monday, May 10

Recipe for success

Kids got up and were ready and waiting to go to church.
Christian made BLTs for lunch (my fave) and then a huge salad and yeast rolls for dinner!
A long uninterrupted nap.
Tons of peace, quiet, and reading.
Simple presents, just my style.
Thank yous.

Happy Mother's Day to me!

Hope your Mother's day was just as delightful!