Sunday, November 14

{14} I am Thankful for...

...answered prayers!
Christian worked so hard on Saturday over at my parents house and then he came home only to be put to HARD work hauling tree branches, etc.
After a very long day for him, we were all at the old barn putting away the last items we had used during the day.  Christian had the key to a piece of equipment we had rented.  But when he checked for the key, it had fallen off the clasp he had on his belt loop.  
That just took all the oomph out of his day to have it end like that.
We were all at the barn with flashlights trying to find the key, we never found it.
After church today the kids went back out to the barn to look again, nope.

In one final effort, Shawn and Christian went out and looked again.
Christian said he prayed, he knew there would be a charge for the lost key and he was just so bummed that he lost it.

There was a pile of hay at the front gate of the barn and he decided to grab a rake and begin to clear it all away, again, looking for the key... and there it was!!  We had all looked in that exact same spot multiple times but the key was small and the hay must have just perfectly covered it each time.

Christian said he felt a tad silly praying about a lost key, but it really had him worried, he had tried everything else...
He should sleep quite soundly tonight with that weight off of his shoulders.


mom2eight said...

How could Heavenly Father not answer the prayer of that boy? He had worked hard all day in serving others. Sometimes it is in what we consider the little possibly silly things that we need extra help. Nothing is too small to ask for help from Heavenly Father. I am so proud of Christian and understand now the big smile he had when he brought the key over.

Lisha said...

Don't you love when testimony-builders happen to your children! It truly is something to be grateful for!