Saturday, November 27

Did you know?

November 27th is Thanksgiving for chickens?
Well, at least it is for the chickens here on the farm!
 It is time to clear out the harvest and get ready for Christmas.
So we cut the stems out of our pumpkins... I use them for another project... and then like most things around here, NOTHING goes to waste.
So in a very short time our cluckers will be in a pumpkin induced food coma... 
similar to the one we humans find ourselves in on Thanksgiving.
 Seriously, chickens are vocal critters... I think I actually heard some humming a happy tune.
 Once the pumpkins are moved on out... the work begins.
 Truth?  I have no real plan this year... going the 'use what we've got' route and not buying anything new... I've been known to say that before to only find out I was lying to myself, but I am really going to try.
 We splurged last year and got a Mummy tree bag.  Have you seen these things?  It has a tree base, ON WHEELS... and you just pull the bag up the tree and zip it up.  Now I just have to unzip and roll it to the bottom, put my tree skirt over the bag and base and whalah.  Minimal fluffing of the tree involved too as we have a slim tree, prelit, remote control... code for lazy girl tree!


kg said...

Oh, I just love seeing things unfold in your house!

Cari said...

Oh crap, I forgot to save my pumpkin stems for you. Dang. Sorry.

My kiddos would have loved seeing the chickens go nuts over the pumpkins. So funny.