Tuesday, November 9

{9} I am Thankful for...

... Early Morning Seminary.
I can type that now that it is 9:21am and not 5:55am which is when I have to get up with Savannah and Christian to head to the church, grin.
But seriously, they both get up in such good moods and when they come out of class they are laughing, wide awake, spiritually fed, and ready to have a great day.
The real shocker is that I typed above 'they both get up in such good moods".  Savannah is a morning person, always has been, she literally beams.  Christian is NOT a morning person.  He takes after me, grumble, grouch, whimper first thing in the morning.  So I did not look forward to, in any way shape or form, Christian starting his first year of Seminary.
But in true Christian form, he tossed out the usual and has made our heads spin, cause the guy is lovin' Seminary.  Now I KNOW there are cute girls there, I'm sure that helps, but I still would not have foreseen the easiness that is getting these two out the door in the morning.
In the photo, Christian is modeling his usual attire... afterall, I said he was up and out the door, never said he actually changed out of his PJs and slippers... perk to homeschooling :)
Savannah has her driver's permit and drives us to and from seminary.  In January Savannah gets her license and I will not have to get up at 5:55ayem to escort them OR wait an hour while they are in  class... and you know what?! 
I think I'll miss it.

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Lisha said...

Those are fond memories of mine, I'm hoping my kids will enjoy it, too!