Sunday, November 21

{21} I am Thankful for...

... our Ward Family, 
who sadly received heartbreaking news about a dear family member last night and today at church the love for this family and their extended members was so evident!  I pray they felt us all wrapping our spiritual arms around them and holding on for dear life.

I am also Thankful for...
the partaking of the Sacrament;
the little nursery child that climbed under his families pew and came to me for a big hug;
the silly little Turkey necklaces we colored in Nursery;
pigs in a blanket for lunch;
a delightful Sunday nap;
the bean and cheese burrito Ty made me for dinner;
peanut butter pie for dessert (little food obsessed today, can you tell?!);
a messy kitchen but not even caring because I am having some one on one time with my youngest;
a darling husband that is beyond exhausted today but isn't the tad bit grouchy and just keeps on doing the many things he needs to do for his calling;
the blessings of an upcoming week with Shawn home, family, turkey, and sleeping in!!

I could keep going, my heart is just extra soft today, but I will save some more for another day.

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