Thursday, November 25

{25} I am Thankful for...

... my sister-in-law, Alisha, that invites all the Mayfields plus friends and more family over to her house each and every year for Thanksgiving.

I am thankful that we woke up this morning to the most amazingly gorgeous day and warm weather.  I literally wore flipflops today and Shawn and Ty wore shorts... crazy November weather.
Shawn and Christian woke up early to run a 5K, the Turkey Trot.
Me?  I didn't run this morning but I did wake up early and stroll to the back porch and just sit on the steps taking in the warm air.
When the fellas came back we left to go to Alisha's.
She always sets up her house so that everyone has a sit down meal... literally moving her living room furniture so she can line up tables and chairs for everyone to eat and visit.
This was the children's table... doodleville!  And this is Ms. Bella.
Loved the burlap runner on the Adult table and the nuts, candles, and pumpkins... perfection.
She also had a separate table for just the teenagers... brilliant!  I host our family Christmas dinner and I will sure try and steal this idea from her because the older kids had a paaartay and we loved just listening to them having a blast.

Here is Ms. Eden in her Thanksgiving outfit her mommy made her, adorable... as always!
And did I mention that I am thankful for flipflops?  Oh.  I did?  Well, I am, really, really, am... especially when I get to squeak out a few extra weeks wearing them because of this crazy gorgeous weather.  Yay!

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Debbie said...

The weather was amazing, and I wore flip flops, too! A happy Thanksgiving indeed!