Saturday, October 30

Taylor & Bella

Our nieces, Taylor and Bella, spent a few days at the farm while their parents were on vacation.
Ty usually provides tons of entertainment for cousins but Taylor wasn't much interested in cruising down the steps on blankets.

The other kicker was that it rained and stormed (even a Tornado Watch to keep things interesting) so there was no opportunities to go outside!  

So we dug deep in our 'to do' bag of tricks and the biggest hit was painting!
 Ty decided to paint on canvas... subject matter was his all-time favorite pastime, BASEBALL!
 Taylor preferred painting in coloring books.
 Bella is a 'wanderer'.  She is so unbelievable easy to care for... she literally just strolls around and investigates thing after thing, never stays in one place long but moves to the next thing that catches her eye and you rarely hear a peep out of her.
 I have this large magnetic board that I use with my nursery calling.
We drug out everything that had magnets on it and I told Taylor to create a beautiful picture for me.
 I cracked up when she called me in to see what she had created... less is NOT more in Taylor's artistic eye.  There literally was not ONE magnetic item that she did not find a place for.  She said her favorite was the turtle.  I like him too!
 BUT we found out later that night that Taylor does not find frogs appealing.
Funny story:  We get these little frogs (pictured below) that hang out, literally, on our doors and windows.  We find them amazing, little suction cups and all....Taylor, not so much.  When Savannah went outside to get the frog so Taylor could take a closer look, Taylor bolted!  She did not want a closer look at all.  In fact, the whole rest of the evening she checked in on the frog.  I think she felt safe as long as she knew where it was.  The moment she went to see the frog and it was gone, she totally panicked.  We had to reassure her that the frog just went away and in NO WAY was able to get into the house.  Funny! 
Wednesday night was our Ward's Trunk or Treat.
Not sure it was their intention but their parents sent them as the mascots for the #1 and #2 college football teams: AU tiger and Oregon duck.  They were adorable!

 Girls were so not interested in the candy part of trunk or treating but loved all the little kids and the fun decorations.
They were excited to get home after the party because I had promised them that they could 'swim' in Aunt Dawn's bath tub... 
Have to document one of the funniest conversations Taylor and I had in the truck coming home from Noah's house.
I originally had the windows down on the truck leaving Noah's but shortly after getting on the main road it got way to windy.  It literally was taking Bella's breath away... so I rolled up the windows.  Taylor was not happy and asked why I rolled the windows up.  I told her the wind was getting too crazy.  She exclaimed, "I like crazy!"  I started laughing and she made her point again, "I really, really do like crazy!"  Love it!  and I love these two gals!

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Debbie said...

Taylor really, really likes anything that we think she's not supposed to like... that's why we have to use reverse psychology so much ;-) Thanks for this post! It's fun to see what they were up to while we were gone, and thanks so much for watching them!!!