Sunday, April 13

Super Sabbath

Christian was called as the 2nd Counselor and Secretary of the Deacons Quorum today. He is loving the Young Mens Program and is excited to serve. I conducted Relief Society for the first time. Hopefully given some time I will be less nervous. Savannah did our Family Home Evening since we have another baseball game on Monday night. She did a review/discussion of 'The Proclamation'. Aunt Mimi, the M sisters, Papa, and Grani (Ty's spelling :) joined us. We played a game of SWAT!, and the M sisters provided us with dessert... yummy mini cupcakes. I hope everyone had a wonderful Sunday, OH how I love family Sundays!!


Lisha said...

It's those kind of days when it is crystal clear what life is all about! :)

Lacey Freeman said...

I love those Sundays days too. It has been a little different here without Jarom and Lisha and family around, but they are still enjoyable! I don't know if I ever would have the guts to get up and teach a lesson...props to you! (Watch now I jinxed myself and that will be my newest calling...)

Debbie said...

2nd Counselor AND Secretary?? He's a busy guy! ;-) and I envy many things about you Dawn, but your current calling is not one of them.. hehe I'm sure you are great at it though!