Monday, April 7

Callahan Reunion 2008

Shawn's Dad & Brothers reunion is in OUR neck of the woods this year. They plan to spend some time in Guntersville at the new lodge there. Have any of you seen the Lodge since renovations? It is incredible! This photo was taken from the pool deck at the back of the lodge. It is just breathtaking, they have little cottages that you can rent right next to the lodge too. The original cabins look pretty much the same though. There were deer everywhere, if I hadn't been such a chicken they would have let me pet them. Just been a long time since I had been up there, so when Shawn and I went to see the renovations, thought I would let everyone know it is a MUST see!


Mike and Carly said...

It is beautiful! I can't believe that the deer just sat there with you guys near. They don't even do that here even though they are all around our apartment complex. Crazy!

Debbie said...

It IS beautiful! When is their reunion?