Sunday, April 20

On the Mountain

Every year, usually around Easter, the Mayfield's go to the mountain and welcome-in Spring. Yesterday was the day and we didn't want to miss it. So we had to RACE from Ty's baseball game (which they won), to the family activities. This is Ty goofing with his cousin Emma, they are silly kiddos and just love each other tons!

There is a hilarious story behind this photo. Ty and Emma were teetertottering and so I asked them to FREEZE. Emma was a trooper keeping Ty elevated and then I got the 'shot'. Immediately after taking this photo, Emma couldn't hold Ty any longer and down he came. Upon which, Ty got up and screamed at Emma... " YOU almost broke my man parts!!!!" Resulting in, Emma rolling her eyes.... Ty making a quick check to indeed see that his 'parts' were all intact... and everyone else in the park within hearing distance, getting a great laugh. I guess even with a shy guy like Ty, there are times to voice concern... loudly, whew!

This is my beautiful, patient, forgiving daughter... Savannah. She hates chaos, frantic racing from ballfield to mountain, and most of all a grouchy mom. So we had a spat on route to the get together and she was not happy with me. Luckily, after venting to her Grani and Aunt Cari, she was able to forgive me and enjoy the day with all her younger cousins. I keep reminding her that if she still loves me during my grouchy spells, I'll return the favor and love her right back when she has an off day. So far so good, we still love each other to pieces!!


Anonymous said...

The "man parts" is totally cracking me up!!! That sounds like such a great family activity! I wish I had been doing that instead of mowing, cleaning and homework! :)

Mike and Carly said...

I think that Emma and Ty are the cutest cousin pair! I am glad that Ty's man parts are still intact. And I love that Emma just rolled her eyes.

Lisha said...

We make some good-looking kids! :) I'm totally stealing some of those pics, and I want to see the rest you took!

Charity said...


Debbie said...

hahaha.. i saw the water hose incident but i somehow missed the almost broken man-parts incident. they are too funny together.

i get grouchy and anxious when i'm rushed and things are chaotic, too. i guess this is what taylor and i have to look forward to. i'm pretty forgiving so hopefully she will be too!