Wednesday, April 23

'Pineycone' trees

When I picked up the kids from school today, Christian reminded me that it was Earth Day. Not knowing he was totally about to fall into my 'trap'... I asked all the kids if they would like to do something to celebrate Earth Day. Gleefully they shouted YES... my plan unfolds. *Background Info* - Shawn and I bought 5 itty-bitty white pines almost 2 months ago. Shawn got 3 of them dug in. Then I bought 6 large maples right after that and they were BEASTS to get dug in. With the kids help, I thought we could surprise Shawn and get the 2 remaining pine trees in the ground. Mind you... these are tiny pines, but if you have ever dug pines in before... you know that their rootballs are ridiculously mammoth (I may be exaggerating a tad, maybe, er, um, but it was just little ole me and 3 delicate children)! So I grab the smallest shovel out of the barn, Savannah grabs the biggest shovel, and Christian the pickax, yikes! Lets just say that I managed to stay out of the kids way and they had both holes dug, trees planted, and Ty mulched them, in less than 45 minutes, WHEW!! We decided to not tell Shawn what we had done and see how long it takes him to notice. But tonight, Ty ever so quietly whispered to his Grani (so as to not spoil the surprise for Dad in the next room), "we planted 2 pineycone trees for Dad today... shhhhhhh."
*Update* Shawn noticed the pineycone trees the very next morning... Good, observant husband. My sweetie just can't relax though... he spent the whole next evening on the lawnmower and with the weekeater... I guess I rather be married to an overachiever than a bum, hee-hee.


Debbie said...

hahaha.. how cute! i bet it's nice when you can put the kids to work ;-) so has shawn noticed yet?

Cari said...

Ha, Tyger is hilarious.

Debbie said...

Last night when we went to the temple, we passed by some road off the interstate that was named Piney Grove, and I just kept thinking about Ty's pineycone trees ;-)