Wednesday, April 9

DEEP Ponderings...

If dreams can tell a lot about a person, I often wonder what my THOUGHTS say about me? I've found that I can't listen to an ipod while I work outside because I hate not being able to hear all the things around me. So I really enjoy getting lost in my thoughts as I weed, but todays thoughts have me giggling at myself.... should I seek out professional help?!?

Thought: How can something that 'icks' me out, still fascinate me? I have a bird thingey, feathers are yucky and I'm scared of beaks. Yet the sound of birds is my second favorite sound outside... the first being the EEEEEAAAAAHHHHHH of the donkey next door. I had a huge cluster of birds in the trees above me this morning, and while I hoped they would not come any closer to me, I loved them being there. I also appreciate that they didn't feel the need to drop any white 'stuff' on my baseball cap.

Thought: Why when there is a spider is my house do I react differently than when I see a spider outside. In my house, I say... "OH NO YOU DON'T" ... then go get a papertowel, smash the spider, open the papertowel to verify the spider has indeed deceased, then flush it... because just tossing it in the trash is not final enough for me. Contrast this with my reaction when I come upon a spider in the wild. I immediately jump up and do the 'spider dance'! You know the one... jump up, step back, get the creeps from head to toe, stomp, stomp, eek, eek, and then take a few minutes to get your heart rate back to a decent pace. While this reaction perplexes me, I'm sure the drivers of vehicles cruising down the road enjoy the spectacle of me doing the 'spider dance'.

Thought: While weeding, praying no more encounters with poison ivy, I often wonder about the past owners of our property. We know this property and much of the surrounding properties were once owned by a single family with separate lots given to newlyweds as gifts. Our neighbor said he used to play in our old barn as a little boy, sweet. So as I dig in the dirt I always secretly hope to find 'treasures' of days gone by. Today, my only sign of prior inhabitants was 7 MountainDew cans, 17 SunDrop cans, and 2 MoonPie wrappers... I did learn something I didn't know prior... they make vanilla MoonPies not just chocolate!

Then I move on to mowing. I don't enjoy the loudness of the mower but I still manage to THINK! Of course there are the normal thoughts like: "what pattern shall I create today", "was that a frisbee I just ran over?", and I ALWAY think..."10 points for yet another fire ant hill, hooray!"

Main thought today: Is our riding lawnmower machine enough to tackle that ditch? I think it is, er, but what if I get stuck, I'm gonna do it, but wait..... Yesterday I found out that cellphones don't bode well when ran through the washing machine. Maybe I have done enough property damage for THIS week... I'll tackle the ditch NEXT week!

So are there any professional THOUGHT figure-outters in the audience. Well, in the end, I sure enjoy hanging out with me, myself, and my thoughts, good times!


Kim said...

You are cracking me up with these! I sometimes find it funny how one thought leads to another, then another, and before you know it I am asking myself, "How did I ever begin thinking about this to begin with, and how did this relate to what I was first pondering on?!"

Cari said...

I feel you on the spider thing. I take it as a personal insult when I find a bug in my house. "How dare you!" Noah found a HUGE grub in the house a few weeks ago. Not knowing what he had in his hand, I just took it away from him. When I realized what I was holding, and what he probably would have eaten!, I threw it across the room and did a sickout dance that would have won the grand prize on Dancing With The Stars. I balled up about 5 paper towels, to ensure that I wouldn't be able to feel it move in my hand, and threw the sucker as far as I could out into the yard. That experience still haunts me.

auntmimi said...

You are so funny!
Thought:.........I can't remember were I was going with that.

Lisha said...

I'm impressed you remember all your deep ponderings! I forget everything by the time the next thought enters my head!

danakat said...


Debbie said...

haha.. yes, it's very funny how thought processes work and how you ever start thinking about certain things in the first place.

As far as your bird thing goes, it's not weird. It's wonderful getting to listen to them sing, but the idea of being pooped on is definitely not appealing.

With the spiders, I think maybe it's a territory thing. When they are in your house, it's YOUR territory, and you just never know where they may end up if you don't get rid of them! but when you're outside, I guess it's kind of their territory and the best thing to do is to get away as fast as possible!

I can't believe you put your cell phone in the washing machine.. haha So, did you attempt to mow the ditch? I mowed our yard for the first time today- with Taylor clinging around my neck the whole time- so Jared didn't have to do it and could study and do some assignments for his online classes. Yay me! haha