Friday, April 18

Multiply & Replenish

Good ole reproduction is alive and well out here in the sticks! Savannah got these photos yesterday of the neighbors kittens. Charcoal is the exhausted mommy of 5... WHEW!!
Savannah is petitioning to adopt these two little cuties... I'm on board but her Dad may need more whooooing. Cats are a must out here, there are no better hunters. Something I have learned from our current cat, Oreo, is that cats like to bring you 'trophies' to prove their worth. No further details, yucka, but I love that two of her favorite things to hunt are mice and snakes.
I think this little cutey is my favorite. Its markings are very unique.
The neighbors goat just had a baby too, whew, a bunch of Fertile Myrtle animals... must be the fresh air and wide open spaces. The neighbors think the donkey is preggers too.
Here is Tyger pestering our sweet neighbor J. It does the heart good to hear the kids laughing and playing outside.
Ty is being very persistant... J is an absolute beauty so this chasing might not end any time soon, giggle. Notice our neighbors' gorgeous acreage and a glimpse of their pond. Another incredible, lazy day enjoyed, SCORE!!!


Lisha said...

Gotta love the trophies!

Lacey Freeman said...

Gosh, I am so jealous of your land! It looks gorgeous out there! Chase would totally have a blast on sooo much space to run. The kittens are cute!

Debbie said...

we always had cats growing up, and i definitely remember the "trophies." there was always a bird, mouse, or some other animal showing up in our garage.