Saturday, April 5

And so it begins....

While simply showing the new blog to
my kids, I got wonderful reviews from Christian... afterall he is currently featured in the 'heading' photo. BUT Savannah & Ty quickly pointed out that they TOO have cool photos. Today is a yucky, drizzly day and I choose to blame THAT for their criticism... afterall, it couldn't be bad parenting, snicker! Therefore, I attempt to right a wrong, and please the publicity hounds, er, uh, I mean my dear children.

So ladies and gentlemen, here are ALL 3 of our children... aka
The Callahan Bobbleheads!!!

Our speed DIVA, Savannah feels the need to go crazy fast everytime, whew!

Christian was the first to get all 4 wheels off the ground. He also worked hard to land all 4 wheels at the same time to not give himself whiplash!

YeeeeeHaaaaaaaaw, we could here Ty laughing over the sound of the 4wheeler and through that helmet... I think he was a tad impressed with himself!

We couldn't take too many photos of Ty because he felt the need to be polite and LOOK at the camera which sent me into a panic, there are a WHOLE lot of big trees out here!

Ty also likes Remote Control trucks. This one would go so fast it would toss gravel back behind its wheels. Sad to say this truck didn't last long because Ty 'rolled' it a few too many times... fun while it lasted.

Please notice the two innocent cats in the background... can you guess why they feel the need to be a safe distance BEHIND Ty and his truck... can you say 'crazy driver?' Ty has a mischieveous giggle when he gets behind the wheel of a remote, must say I kept MY distance too!


Cari said...

Yay! Welcome to the madness! Now all that is left is to bring Misty over to the dark side.

ps. Anxiously awaiting pics of the boys in their baseball uniforms. No pressure.

Lisha said...

Woohoo! Great job, and, yeah, Misty, let's get with the crowd here!

Love all the pics of the land and house, fourwheelers and all. You will have to keep us updated on all of your fabulous new projects!!! I love living vicariously through you! :)

Lacey Freeman said...

How fun!!! Welcome! Your house is GORGEOUS!

Debbie said...

Man, that's a BIG remote control truck! My brother had a four-wheeler when we were younger, and we loved riding it. However, I already had the impression that I'm going to be a crazy paranoid mom. I hope I allow my kids to have some fun! How do you do it?

danakat said...

Welcome to the blogging world!
Glad to finally "see" your beautiful home. It is amazing.
I'm up for a sleepover...

I'm adding you to my links.
Hope that's okay...cause I'm doing it now.

I am so far behind on my blogging, but I'm hoping to get up to date soon. I love the blogger world support group.