Friday, November 11

{11} Thankful...

I am thankful for the genuine and freely offered compliment.  I often THINK kind things about another person and their efforts, BUT I rarely voice those thoughts.  I have always pointed out to my children efforts of others on their behalves... but I need to take it one step further and have them voice that gratitude so they won't be so 'mute' like their mother.  I know I need to voice my compliments more... simply because of the way I feel when complimented.

Yesterday, I spend hours at my Antique Booth preparing for the Open House this weekend.  Vendors were everywhere sprucing up their own booths.  Poor customers that picked yesterday to shop could not have had a great experiences as the aisles were high traffic and the back loading doors were open and quite chaotic.  Yet, as mom and I worked away... customers and other vendors strolled by and were so generous with their compliments.  IT MADE MY DAY!!  A simple compliment is hugely validating.  Yet, after I got home I wanted to pinch myself.  I stayed at the back of Packards all day working away on my little space.  I didn't take the time when I was done to stroll around and meet and compliment the other vendors as they had done me.  Grrrrr.  I want to do better at that.  Open my mouth and return the gift of a compliment.  I think I may have stumbled upon part of my New Year's Resolution!  Thankful.  Compliments!!

I don't want to 'taint' my thankful post, but I promised I would make note.... you can go to my Market Blog and see what my booth looked like after completely adding new furniture and lots of sparkle for the Open House lasting all weekend. I've been told to be prepared to redo the booth on Monday as this Open House will probably clean me out... I can only hope it goes that well, grin.

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