Monday, November 14

{13} Thankful...

I am thankful for my recent sense of 'the now'.  While life often demands us to focus on the future, goals, preparation, etc... I feel for one of the first times in my life that I am embracing each day.  I'm sure this is due to my knowledge that life for our little family of 5 will be changing drastically in the next few years.  Savannah is about to turn 17, she has a job, loves to be with friends... and in less than 2 years will be off to college.  Christian is turning 16 in just a few weeks!  And will be leaving on his mission in 3 years. 

Gone are the days of 2 babies, 1 year 2 weeks apart.  The days that I sometimes wished away because of the monotony and the sheer lack of sleep.  I really do credit this 'living in the now' transition to homeschooling.  I have so much more of the kids.  I have their days!  I hear about seminary minutes after they get home from it.  I know immediately if they have a frustration with a class or paper.  I eat lunch with them.  All those very important topics and discussions that we had to rush through during dinner just a few years ago because there was homework or bedtimes to do.  Understandably homeschooling is not for everyone or every family... but I am so glad we attempted it and then loved it.  It has slowed down these past few years and I would welcome the next few years to c.r.a.w.l by too.  Grin.  Of course, my want to go at a snail's pace does not prevent my teenagers from wanting to go forward at break neck speeds.  That's normal though and I am more thankful that they look forward to moving on and finding new adventures than the alternative of never wanting to have any new experiences. 

So last night, as I sat on the couch, Shawn in his usual chair, and the kids all spread out around us as we had family counsel... I am indeed grateful for living in those moments, each  moment, everyday.  I finally have got that right.  And before it was too late.  Whew.  Thankful.  Now!

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