Wednesday, November 23

{22} Thankful...

I am thankful for creative thinking, snicker.  Case in point:  I asked Christian and Ty to please take the pumpkins and gourds from the front porch and give them to the chickens.  That would have probably been carried out in a very boring uneventful way.  But when I added... "bust 'em up a bit so they can get to the innards"... well, that was where I got them to thinkin'.  Savannah was kind enough to document the very precise, articulate way they carried out my parental command.
 I threw my 'mommy RED penalty card' on the use of the hatchet.  There was mumbling but eventual obedience... the hatchet was removed from their artillery.
Plan B:
 Ummmm.  son?  If you bat the pumpkin clear to the back pasture, I don't think the chickens are going to benefit from that.  Please.  Do not splat pumpkins guts on the carriage house!  What was I thinking sending them out to do this without very strict parameters.  Sometimes I'm not completely on top of my mommy game.
 The chickens have been a'cacklin' ever sense.  I think they approve of the methods used to make their job much easier to devour some grub!


Cari said...

Hilarity. Pure hilarity.

Lisha said...

Oh my goodness. Thanks for a good laugh!