Sunday, November 6

{6} Thankful...

I am thankful for Sundays.  I know I have shared my love of Sundays many times before.  But I really do love this day.  Although today had some twists and turns.  We had an extra large crowd in our Nursery Class.  At one point we thought the kids were going to RIOT, snort.  We weren't sure if the Nursery room was so hot because the heater was on full blast or whether it was that when you have THAT many little bodies in one space... the temps go sky high.  Anyway, us teachers laughed our way through the time slots and in the end, all was well and I bet lots of littles fell asleep on their way home from church. 
Then we had pizza calzones for lunch, huge hit. 
We read scriptures. 
Shawn and Christian went home teaching. 
We had family counsel when they returned.  Our counsels can be hysterical some weeks... seriously!  Coordinating all the to dos, school, we get our new to us car this week, campouts, paintball parties, and, and, and... whew.  And yet week after week we get most of our things done and we regroup and do it again. 
And so now I am cuddled in with my sweetheart. 
Three kids in bed already zonked.  I am soon to follow. 
Content Sigh.   

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jen said...

Sundays are my favorite days ever. Your Sunday sounds a lot like mine (minus the nursery chaos). Last night as we went to bed I said to Kelly, "I wish tomorrow was Sunday again."