Wednesday, November 2

{2} Thankful...

I am thankful for the talents I DON'T have.  Confusing?  Make any sense?

I often see others that because their talents and/or interests do not personally fall into a certain subject... then they have no use or need for that subject.  Not I.  Others' talents.  So Grateful.

I have no talent for music in any shape or form.  My mom fought the fight.  I took piano lessons.  I stopped the second I was allowed.  No regrets really.  I had no interest.  But OH how I love to hear someone play the piano or any other musical instrument. And also to hear someone sing a melody that brings amazing tears to my eyes.  So very, VERY thankful that there are others that their hearts lie in the very center of beautiful music.  I love words... and when words, aka lyrics, are then added to an amazing tune... I pause.  One must respect the talent to combine the two.  And yet you can find me, in Sacrament Meeting each Sunday, singing my heart out... within the safe surrounding of many, many others.  Others whom voices mix with mine and the blending of the two is bearable.

Public speaking is a terrifying thing for me personally.  My vision blurs... tunnel vision is always a follow up symptom.  My heart beat thunders in my ears.  And then there are those that seem so at peace at a podium.  Those that when they speak, draw others to them.  It is a true talent.  I pray those with this talent show gratitude for it as much as I am in turn thankful that they have that gift.  It would be a woeful world if everyone near passed out when speaking in public.

We are told to be thankful for our talents.  I am.  I see my strengths.  I thrill when asked to do something I feel I have a gift for.  And yet I find myself on a very frequent basis... thankful for others' talents too.  Their talents fill me in a way that I could not fill myself.  I would go lacking... without them and their talents.   And I must try harder to not tarnish the precious gift of talent they share by comparing, conveting, envying.  Nope.  Just enjoy them.  Take the gift given.  So uncomplicated.  Others' talents.

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danakat said...

I love this post so much!
I think I shall copy you today in my post. :)
Is copy-catting a talent?