Friday, November 4

{4} Thankful...

I am thankful for extended family.  Ty is off tonight camping with Nate, Alisha, and kiddos.  He was packed AND dressed to go early this morning... literally before 8am... and I didn't take him to their house until 3PM!!  He even put his shoes on (HUGE, cause he rarely wears shoes even OUTSIDE)  and clomped around the house all day so he was ready to go the split second I gave the signal to load up.  He was a tad excited.  Ty is painful reserved and shy, and extended family/cousins have always been a safe place for him to be, so grateful.  It is Emma's (cousin) birthday... he asked to go to Target to get her something.  He marched back to the toys and chose a StarWars Lego set!?  Huh!!??  I asked him if he was sure.  He stated that she always loves to play with his StarWars lego sets when she comes over.  So I sure HOPE Emma digs her present, snicker.  Ty even chose the gift bag... he said it had to be 'cool'.  So he found one... not too girly... not for a boy... but bright colors and fun.  Sounds like Emma to me!  The weather is amazing for camping.  Ty was threatened that if he didn't bundle up, I had tattletailers/informants that would tell me.  He is my hot blooded child, but even with that understanding... the boy has to be TOLD to wear reasonable warm clothes when it is cold... grrrrr.  I love knowing he is going to have a great weekend with my brother's family.  Thankful.  Extended Family.

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