Monday, November 7

{7} Thankful...

I am thankful for Shawn.  I really admire him.  Right now at 9:39pm, after a long day at work and an evening of trading in our old truck to pick up my newer vehicle... he is in the garage figuring out a 'problem' piece that I was hoping to fix and have ready to go into my Holiday Booth this weekend.  I threw in the towel on it, and yet he is determined to 'conquer' the stubborn thing because I have already spent so much time saying ugly words sweet talking it into non-submission.  He can be persistent and his success rate at figuring things out is very high, I can be quite the quitter.  UPDATE:  He indeed solved the problem.  So when I swoon over a specific item in my Friday post about my Holiday Booth, he will get all the credit for it looking so magnificent... but my paint job on this piece is quite perfect too, wink.

I love his eyes.
I am thankful for his strength, both physically AND spiritually.
His ambition is one of his most attractive traits... seriously one of the top 3 reasons I just HAD to marry him!
He forgives me, always.
He loves me in spite of me deserving it.  I can really be a grouch.
When he laughs at movies in the TV room, I can be in a totally different room of the house and I can't help but smile at his laughter.  He laughs freely and with no inhibition.  I admire that.
He is the oldest brother of 4 boys and he loves his brothers immeasurably and prays about them and their families constantly. 
He is a great dad.  He regularly spends separate time with each child doing what they love to do.
He loves to watch movies and play board games.  I do not.  All 3 of our children love to do these things too, so he fills a 'nitch' that I don't.  Love that.
He cooks an amazing Spanish Tortilla.
He kisses me every night and every morning, with out fail. 
I love him.  So very, very thankful for him.


Jen said...

If I weren't so happily married, I might be jealous. :) You've definitely got a good one! And I love how you complement each other...much the same as me and my hubby.

danakat said...

You do know he's the lucky one, right?? ;)