Sunday, May 31


There is this little spot above the kitchen sink that has had me stumped!! Not big enough for something substantial, a tad too big to ignore. Then I thought I could paint something there. So I literally have been trying to decide on WHAT to paint... and I think my solution is so very clevaaaah!! Hee-hee!

Sorry the photos are so dark... clueless how to take photos when shooting right at a window like that.

Now this week, I'm hoping to get our mudroom functional. Wait till you see these before and afters. When the money ran out during the build... all closets, and smaller rooms like mudroom and laundry were left undone. So we keep plugging away... plug, plug, pluggedy, plug.


MrsMama said...

I love this! You have a beautiful kitchen and your "sign" just fits.

danakat said...

Pretty awesome! I love it.

But no sympathy with limited budgets and building houses...I think we've cornered the market on unfinished areas in our unfinished home of 6 years now. Pathetic, really.
But I have lots of glorious plans! I just need money and my husband to be home...(sigh)

The Happy Haynie Family said...

Cool...I like it!

Cari said...

I like!! I am gonna have to come over on Thursday and check it out in person.

Lisha said...

Love it!

The Walker Family said...

I'm loving it!