Friday, May 29

Rough Ride

Savannah first rode a horse several years ago at a summer camp she attended. She was hooked instantly. She went to that summer camp for 4 years and hanging out at the stalls was where you could always find her.

So when we bought this land, it was never a question that she wanted to eventually own her own horse. That hasn't quite happened yet, we hope it will soon. But meanwhile, several of our neighbors have and board horses. Our neighbor, A, invited Savannah to ride with her yesterday. Savannah was thrilled and she rode Buddy, one of their boarder horses.

Next time I set eyes on Savannah, this is what I saw....

Seems Buddy got tired of being ridden and took Savannah on a little trek through some trees. She got a slew of scrapes across her face and arm. In typical Savannah fashion... she was very unphased. I asked what she did after the rough ride? She just shrugged her shoulders and said that a little after the 'riding through the trees' episode, she actually fell off too! What?! "Mom... it happens!" "Now can I got right back over?"

She is such a tough chick!

When I saw her for the first time this morning I mentioned her 'flesh wounds'. She looked at me perplexed, totally confused, she had totally forgotten about her scratches. Rough and tumble, I guess I should just be glad she is made that way!!


Beth said...

Ouch, that does not sound like my kind of fun!

Sandy said...

Oh my goodness, she is a real rider if that didn't faze her. Good for you Savannah! You are one tough cookie, I am impressed.

Quincy Sorensen said...

I can just imagine her trying to prevent your worry, or worse, trying to prevent her from having that fun again. She is tough!

Lisha said...

I love that fearless girl!