Wednesday, January 28

A little Samplin'

Might I just start out by saying... WHEW!!!! This has been such a yucky week for me. I have been down and out with a nasty stomach ouchie. I finally woke up this morning feeling alive again and am hopeful that I will actually get something done.
So, with that pity party done, I think I am actually done dragging things out of boxes and hidden corners. I will be pricing things and trying to arrange everything semi organized for the garage sale on this Friday, 10am-noon. You're all invited.
I have items for .25 on up!
I thought about charging extra for the protective coating on many of my things, aka DUST, but you can have that for free. I'm a generous gal that way.
I hope you can make a trip out here!
Our garage is to the right side of our house, come on in!
PS - my actual home is a wreck, anyone wanting a tour will be required to raise their right hand and take 'the oath'. Meaning, the oath where you promise not to judge me, I've been sick, sniffle, whimper.
And you will also need to see past my empty rooms, and VISUALIZE what someday may be, I've got grand plans and when I squint I can see them, but for now I am truly content with the wonderful 'bones' of the house, the rest of the 'stuff' will come piece by piece... someday.

I've actually got two of these round tables. They are currently serving, not functionally I might add, as nightstands. So remember that when I have a pile of stuff on the floor by my bed on Friday.

Linen couch. Very versatile. Originally got this from Bassett, it is yummy comfortable. But it was too big for my family room, ugh, first purchasing flub of the new house.

I have been heaping stuff in the classroom and here are a few items.

Tons of scrapbooking, rubber stamping, decorative painting items. And lots of great gardening books too.

I hate to part with these 2 beanbags but they are the wrong color for house. They are PB and perfect sized and neat beanbags... hard to find a 'neat' looking beanbag!

Antique frames and HUGE tray, would be great on an ottoman, etc.

My sisters and sils used to have a business selling refurbished antiques. I have a few items still left over from that business, including these old sleighs.

And there are several more items, including furniture pieces and lots of decorative items, so please come take a looksy. See you Friday!


kmmclain said...

I wish I lived closer. I would definitely come by. It looks like you have a lot of wonderful things to sell.

Good luck!

Jenni said...

I might be able to make it out to see you.... Could you send me the directions out there again... Parkway to Hobbs Island I remember then I thought it was a left and then turn by the gas station but then I can't remember.... I thought I saved the directions but I can't find them anywhere now!

danakat said...

I am HOPING that our flu-ish stuff will finally be gone by Friday.
Would you please email me directions?'re a pal!

Charity said...

Me too please- directions, that is. :)