Saturday, January 3

Southern boy convert... almost!!

Remarkable how a little thing called ' a football game' can create such hoots and hollers from the TV room. Shawn and his brothers were all glued to their TV screens last night for the SugarBowl. I heard their prior conversations on the topic where 'I sure hope the Utes can keep it at least respectable', was mentioned on MORE than one occasion.
And so it is... my dear husband, that has moved to the south, drives a tractor, owns livestock, builder of barns, and owner of his own truck.. is and always will be a Utah guy!
And I wouldn't change it for the world.
THEN, when you add the fact that his Nebraska Cornhuskers won their bowl game the day prior... wow... I have a very happy husband on my hands!


danakat said...

I guess if Shawn was happy, then it makes it alright. Yeah...not really, but I am glad YOU had a happy husband last night.

Anonymous said...

I am so not a football fan, but I really wanted Bama to win! Of course now that Tyson goes to school there we are going to have to choose sides! :)

Glad you had a happy hubby! Nothing like that to make the day go better! :)

MaioCampo said...

War Utes!

That game was awesome!

Though an Auburn fan, I root for the Tide very often (pretty much every game except the Iron Bowl). But the underdog was just too much to pass on.

The Cornhuskers also made it exciting.

Shout out to Ol' Miss and Kentucky as well.

Oh... and Go Gators!

Cari said...

Once again I say, "So glad to be married to a geek!" That being said, I'm glad Shawn was happy and I am glad he has been brought over to the southern side...mostly.

Debbie said...

yeah, I still don't want to talk about it.