Tuesday, January 20

Photo Tag... I may be in trouble for this one!

Thanks Sharon, I've never done one of these.
I was told to go to 4th folder, post 4th photo, and tag 4 more bloggers.
Once a year Shawn, his brothers, and his dad get together for a reunion.
They always do these manly man things like river rafting, camping, jet skis, etc.
This is a photo of my sweetie after a day of 4wheeling. Might I just add that this photo makes me laugh OUT Loud. If FUN can me measured by 'how dirty one gets'... by the looks of this photo... Shawn had a great day!
ps - Shawn should be ever so grateful that the 4th photo was not of the little accident he had on said 4 wheeler. The accident where he almost took out a few innocent bystanders and tore up his tushy and backside, now THATs a funny photo!!!

Now I tag Mom, Cari, Misty, and Debbie!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for playing! Love to see what pics people put up!

It does look like he had a TON of fun! Love 4 wheeling!!!

karen said...

What a fun tradition to hang with the men. Looks like a good time, but to the girls get to play too?!? Now that would be fun.

Cari said...

He looks just like a little kid who has had a blast playing outside all day. Ha! It is a special talent to be that dirty but still that good lookin!

Sandy said...

Boys and their toys! Love it!

Debbie said...

okay, so what exactly do I have to do?

aunt mimi said...

I am catching up on my comments, can you tell?

Anywho, I love this pick. He doesn't get to be the little boy inside very often, I'm glad he does that with his brothers and dad. The look of joy of his face is priceless.

I don't have any of my pics on this computer. They are all on my computer which doesn't have internet so I won't get to do this tag.

Hopefully, soon!!