Sunday, February 1

oOOoohs and AaaaAahs

Just can't get enough of those some days, huh?! Thanks to all of you that came out and went shopping. So very fun to see you all again AND to actually meet face to face some that I have stalked via blogs but not formally met.
It was a huge success, the money is filed safely away and I hope to actually get some furniture for the TV room, which currently only has a TV and rug, grin.
And the tours of our new house went well, I felt NO judgement whatsoever for my barren walls, no window treatments, echoey rooms... you were so kind to see the homes potential!
Now I must stay vigilant and keep to one of my NewYears Resolution and keep inviting friends/family out so they can see the slow transformations, because they are sure to be r.e...a.l..... slow!
It was a fun day, thanks to you all!

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