Monday, January 26

A Baseball jock with a soft heart

Ty loves baseball.
He really loves his baseball card collection. He organizes and reorganizes all of them on a regular bases.
Today, he came to me with a handful of cards and asked if I thought there were any kids in the world that loved baseball but could not have cards like him.
I explained that baseball cards were not very expensive but indeed, some children can't even afford the little things.
He said, "I sure got a lot of these, could you help me find a kid that can't get himself cards, and give these to him?"
Luckily I know just the place to take the cards so that they will go to just the right kiddo.
So I assured Ty that we would drop them off next week.
He seemed pleased and started to walk off... then turned around and said, "I'm not gonna let you forget!" Ummmm, doesn't he know I am super mom and I NEVER forget anything... whimper... well, I try real hard to not forget things... but a trip to drop off baseball cards is now in my dayplanner. And since I am obviously NOT a super mom, I'll settle for being a very Proud Mom of a generous 6 year old boy!!!


Beth said...

Aw! What a sweet kid!!!

Lisha said...

you've done a great jb with those kiddos!

Quincy Sorensen said...

This is a precious picture of Ty and a precious story.

Anonymous said...

Sweet story! Kids are usually the most generous and thoughtful of all! :)

aunt mimi said...

He is my very favorite Ty. What a sweetheart.