Monday, December 27

I'mmmmm dreamiiiiing...

 well, to be perfectly honest... here in Alabama we just DON'T dream of White Christmases.
So imagine our absolute delight to wake up to this Christmas morning!
 The kids had a blast... and by kids, I of course include Shawn!  My Utah boy doesn't get much of this white stuff down here. 
 Shawn and Christian had an epic snow war and my son was defeated... his dad takes no prisoners!
 We actually did contain our excitement for the snow and gathered to open presents FIRST!
This actual photo is from Christmas Eve, that's why the stockings are not 'stuffed'... but Christmas Morning Shawn got us a warm fire going too!
 Christmas Eve PJs
 We always host my entire family for Christmas Dinner.
Thankfully, even with all the snowfall... everyone made it out for dinner.
Here is a little sneak peak of my new dining nook... I will post in more detail about it later, I did make my deadline to finish it by Christmas Day... barely... and one quick modification and it will be perfect!!
 I used items for the tables that I already had on hand. 
 Mercury Glass was my starting point and then I added some old Ironstone bowls filled with pinecones and silver and mercury glass ornaments.  Tossed in antique gelatin molds filled with tealights, and sycamore branches.  I loved it!
 The harvest table is always the kiddos table.  I simply placed jingle bell garland down the middle with some sycamore branches.  This year the Teens got there own table.  It was a tight fit with 4 60" round tables, the harvest table, and seating for 35 peeps... but we managed to fit, whew!
 Ty made most of his presents this year and I had to document what he made for me.  I have a soft spot for snowmen and angels.  My sweet son combined the two and made this for me! 
 And Shawn got some artwork too, from his youngest. 
This has been such a wonderful time!  We have Shawn home all week to goof off with.  The TO DO list includes very important things like bowling, and tons of movie watching, survival camping, and MORE!!! 


Charity said...

The view from your home with all that snow is lovely! I anticipated seeing pictures! Thanks for sharing!

Karen said...

Oh Dawn wasn't magical? Your Christmas dinner is always so beautiful. Enjoy your week off.