Monday, December 6

how does this stuff happen to me?

If you read my prior post, you may... like me, be wondering if I am trapped in an unfortunate pattern of clothing catastrophes.

My latest incident started innocently enough.
Tuesday evening I was knocking out some last minute to dos for the day.  I slip better off to sleep at the end of a long day if the house is at least straight from the days activities.  So I was innocently doing my 'rounds' of putting things away, getting things in a good holding pattern for the next day, etc.
Tuesdays are laundry day.  It so happened to be a huge day of school too.  So I had not finished my last load of laundry and thought I could just toss that last load in the washer before winding down for the night.
It was a load of darks and in a split second I decided to toss a pair of my jeans and a sweatershirt in with this last load.  I should probably mention I was actually wearing those jeans and sweatshirt at the time.  But modesty rules! I had a clean robe in the laundry room.  My genius plan was to just toss my current attire in the wash, put on the robe and sprint back to my room and put on my PJs.
But as I took one step out of the laundry room in my robe, the front door bell rings.
To be fair, it was not late, perfectly reasonable for someone to stop by... but there was no way for me to get safely to my bedroom from the laundryroom without passing the front door.
Sooo... this is when I literally dove back into the laundryroom and prayed whoever was at the door did not need me, or that they would not need to come and stay for long else I was going to be camped out in the laundry room indefinitely.

It was one of my new Visiting Teachers.
One of my former VTs left on her mission and the other moved out of our ward so I knew that I would be getting new Visiting Teachers, and this sweet gal wanted to make sure I got a goody for November so she dropped on by.

Christian had answered the door and kept calling for me, and saying things like, "I just saw my mom walk by! I have no idea where she could be!"
Meanwhile, I am scrambling to find some clothes but the only clothes left in the laundry room belonged to my 8 year old son and while I am an optimist at heart... there was no way I was going to fit into a pair of his jeans, whimper!
After leaving my VT waiting by the front door, Christian finally comes to hunt me down.  He finds me hiding in the laundry room in my robe and laughs at me.  After he regains HIS composure, he goes and tells my VT that I can't come to the door, but he will give me her gift.

Once I heard her car pull off, I scurried to my room and got some clothes on, ugh!
And to my absolute delight this is what was gifted me.
How did she ever know?
I love, Love, LOVE, raspberry cocoa.  It is an addiction of mine, yum!!

I hoped I would get the chance to explain the now funny scenario of Tuesday evening to my VT at church on Sunday.  But alas, she was not there and I guess I will have more time to ponder my mortification of being trapped in my laundry room in a robe and hopefully it will become more humorous as I am more removed from the situation, snicker!


Cari said...

Only you, Dawn, seriously!! Ha.
And PINK SQUARES HOT CHOCOLATE?! someone must have seriously read your mind.

Cari said...


Debbie said...

hahahaha... but that was a perfect gift for you!!

Lisha said...

I find it quite humourous, thanks for starting my day off on the right foot. :)