Thursday, December 16

Could I love him any more?

Just when I think I couldn't love my sweetheart any more... he goes and makes me love him MORE!
My guy has faith in me.  Like, the kinda faith that has him scared to death to tackle yet another project I have conjured up, he thinks, just to scare him to death, snicker, BUT does it anyway!
 This newest project was UNDONE before it was ever really done.
See?  I didn't want railings on my front or back porches.  But when we had a building inspection on the house, the back porch was 3 inches shy of passing code for no railing.  What?!  We explained to the inspector that there was to eventually be landscaping that would raise the ground level, the fact that there are cinderblocks showing in places around the house proved our point... right?  Nope, he ordered rails for the back porch.  UGH!
 So this has been my view from my back windows.  NOT what I was going for!
 We couldn't see anything past the railing when sitting in the house.  Frustrating!
So I beg, pleaded, whined... until hubby relented and removed those darn railings.  He was NOT happy.  He knew it would leave holes in the columns (fixable), he knew it would take some wicked banging to knock the rail loose (boy, even I cringed at the force needed), BUT what I love about Shawn... is he did it... trusting me.
 I just can't explain the difference of the whole back of the house.  Misty noticed the missing rails immediately when she got home from work.  It is a huge difference. 
Now for Jackson vine, benches, bed swing, pots and pots oozing with goodness.
We didn't remove the railing from the stairs, still evaluating that, but for now I am seeing the REAL possibilities for this space, yippee!!


Lisha said...

Yay! Can't wait to see it, see the new goats, and the new dining nook! Christmas can't get here fast enough.

Cari said...

Oooooooh, can't wait to see the new view!