Tuesday, December 14


Our goat, Calli, delivered today.
Savannah told me on Sunday night that she thought Calli would not last more than 48 hours before she would 'pop'.  She was right.
 She had 2 boys and 1 girl.
 The names have already been decided.
 The all black male is Sparrow (short for Captain Jack Sparrow, of course, grin!)
 The brown male is Peanut.
 And the tiny little female is Willow.
 Savannah is already IN LOVE with this little gal...
These little ones being born in below freezing temps is not ideal, we will have to work real hard to keep them warm for the next several months.  But for now they seem very healthy and Calli is doing great too.  Wonderful, exciting day!


Stefanie H said...

oh my goodness how adorable are they!? And i love the names :)

Cari said...

Um...I think I'm in love with Sparrow. Will they be joining us for Christmas dinner? Can't wait to see Eden's reaction to them.