Friday, December 31


The things I want to remember the most about this year:
Ty turned 8 years old and was baptized.
He also took his love for baseball to a new level and made the AllStar Team.  He is now in CubScouts and lives for the weekly activities.  His favorite activities continue to be anything leggos and art/creative.

Savannah earned her Young Woman Recognition.
Savannah welcomed more baby animals at the farm than any other year since we have lived here.  She also suffered some losses and I am proud of how she handled BOTH.
She also got her driver's permit and is so excited about the many things that are going to bust wide open for her in 2011... just a few short weeks till her Sweet 16!
Christian has never ceased to amaze me this year.  I have come to realize this guy loves to keep me smiling... and guessing... and laughing.  He is my peacemaker.  Our home is funner with him in it.  His little brother that stomps all over his last ounce of patience, is the very person Christian shows the most love.  Including throwing his last bowling ball in the gutter yesterday so Ty could beat his big brother by ONE point.  I looked at Christian in shock after the bum throw and he winked at me... I knew then he let Ty win... I melted.
Shawn planned one of our largest vacations ever this year.  He and I wanted to make it a priority to do a church history tour with the kids.  He made it happen!  We also finished the CarriageHouse, of which he did a mammoth portion.  He continues to run 5Ks with Christian and sometimes Ty joins in too.  We celebrate our 18yr anniversary in a few months, I adore him!
Me?  I guess this has been the year that I have tackled some new projects.  Projects I really have no business tackling but did it anyway, grin.  I pieced my first quilt, which proved to be the perfect carry along project for baseball practices/games.  The quilt is very far from being done but it is one project I did not have a deadline for... it is a labor of leisure (sounds contradicting but it so isn't), and I work on it as moments allow.  I joke that as long as it is completed in time for my first granddaughter I will be a success.  I'm all about achievable goals, snicker!

I am so excited for 2011!
We are tightening our financial belts this year, squeeeeeze, so that we may realize more dreams in the years to come.  I love Shawn's understanding that his business is a blessing that exists to fuel our hopes and dreams here at Home.  Balance.  Contentment. Joy!

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