Sunday, December 19

A beautiful day...

Sunday.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if Sundays were every other DAY!!
We have sure enjoyed early church this year... only 1 more Sunday of that schedule and then we go to late church.  I guess it is a fair trade... no more Sunday naps but we get to sleep in.

One thing I enjoy about early church is that I always plan the lunch immediately after we get home, BUT dinner is every man (and gal) for him/her self.  Which usually involves raiding the fridge for leftovers so it helps me clear out the past weeks food so I can see what we need for the upcoming week.

Tonight I had some left over ham, but the other four got fancy smancy.  They grilled some chicken breast, added bacon and some shredded sharp cheddar on some bread and made paninis.  They all seemed quite happy with their creation.
 Sundays usually mean some kind of art project for Ty, his current paint masterpiece is a paint by numbers airplane.
And here we go again...
So we announced a few posts back that we had triplet goats born on Tuesday night.  Triplets are tough.  Triplets born in below freezing temperatures are real tough.
Our little female, Willow, is half the size of her 2 brothers... big concern.  And just to confirm those concerns, we found Willow non-responsive on Wednesday morning.  Savannah found her poor mommy, Calli, frantic in the baby stall trying to get Willow to nurse.  WHAT TO DO?!  These darn little animals are just beyond precious and we were heartbroken.  So my heartstrings proved too strong for me to resist... a vet bill for a goat, yep, I did it.  Go ahead and laugh at me... I am laughing at me too.  But...
 after 24 hours of tube feeding, the vet assistant relentlessly stimulating Willow's suckle reflex... we now have a surviving goat that while she still won't nurse from her mommy, she WILL take a bottle and is doing much better.  We have had our share of these little animals with quirks.  An animal born with no natural suckle reflex, ugh.  Savannah is doing great with being firm with Willow and she is back to being naturally active and other than her extremely small size, she seems to be on the mend.
So, we find ourselves with a tiny goat galloping around the house in a diaper.
Savannah called our Bishop on Friday with a special request.  Bet our Bishop, or ANY Bishop for that matter, has never gotten a request for permission like this:
Could Savannah bring a baby goat to the Ward Christmas Party?
The plea included something about her being sure that the little kids would just love to see Willow, I even think something along the lines of a goat quite possibly being in the manger was thrown in for good measure, of course the mention of the diaper was added for clarification, and the words cute, precious, adorable, you will love her too Bishop... were used repeated in her request.
He caved.
Yep, we had a baby goat galloping around our Ward Christmas Party... in a diaper.
Yep, the little kids were b.e.s.i.d.e. themselves in excitement.
Yep, our missionaries will be sure to write home about this experience.
Yep, there were just as many adults that held Willow as children.
Yep, we MAY be officially termed red-neck now.
Oh dear.


Karen said...

Oh I am laughing and smiling. The life you lead is a dream. Cherish it.

Sharon said...

You are preaching to the choir...took a guinea pig to the vet and never thought I would. :) That is an adorable little goat and glad to hear that things are going well with her.

MrsMama said...

Ha ha ha - love the diaper! Glad she's doing better.

Quincy Sorensen said...

Dawn, I laughed my whole way through this post. You are a delightful person, with a delightful family. I so wish I could have been at that Christmas party!