Friday, December 17

Just having fun...

We've been getting our 'craft' on in the Nursery this month.
Plenty of glue, which translates to lots of wetwipes (grin) but the little ones feel so BIG when they finish their creations!
 On this particular Sunday we talked about Mommies and how much they love their babies.  Heavenly Father trusts mommies to take good care of the precious little ones.  We spoke of Mary and how she made the baby Jesus as comfortable as she could with what little she had.
Then the kids made Jesus' baby bed as soft as they could by adding 'straw' and placing the baby in the bed.
 Last Sunday was 'Once there was a Snowman' day.
We had snowman cookies for snack and the children also made snowmen from vanilla wafers.
 And we made another ornament, the children's creations were much cuter than my sample because they do not feel the need to stay in those lines, snort.
Add two button eyes and a carrot nose, cuteness!
This Sunday we will be creating something to remind the children of this year in Nursery.
My Nursery Assistants are going to want to strangle me after this crazy attempt at crafting with the kids cause it is going to involve paint, eeeek... but I hope the kids and parents love it!

Must add for the millionth time... I love being in Nursery.  The fun and cuteness is about more than I can handle each week!


mom2eight said...

nursery was always one of my all time favorite callings. Glad you are enjoying it so much and know the kids are getting alot out of your efforts.

Tyler said...

Dawn, we LOVED the ornament you guys did in nursery! It was so thoughtful and instantly became one of our favorites. Thanks!