Friday, December 10

every man for himself, rambo, and civil war...

If you understood my title then you have probably played PaintBall before.
Our kids love it.  Last weekend, Christian had a few friends out to the farm for several hours of PaintBall games.
 I laugh at all the different styles of games and even when I am inside the house, I can hear roars, cheers, groans, etc, depending on what game is going on.
 Andrew was 'Rambo' and took an unfortunate hit right to the mask!
 Austin had never done PaintBall before but proved to be a very quick study.  His aim was amazing and it was his shot that took down Rambo.  Seems Austin took a head shot too sometime during the day.
 Christian spared no expense on the fine cuisine... roasted hotdoggies and chips.
 Bailey showed up dressed as the 'Pillsbury DoughGal', smart girl... cause those paintball hits can leave nasty bruises.  She had to shed some layers though to be more mobile... she had a blast!  And I think she came away with only one bruise, so smart planning on her part.
 Duante comes from a paintball family, grin, so she came camo ready.
Christian's next 'Games' are planned for his 15th Bday party... he looks forward to that.
My only rule of 'no paintballing' the house was strictly followed so permission has been granted for future pb parties.  FUN!


Cari said...

I did that a lot during my YSA days. So fun.

MrsMama said...

How fun! Master Munchkin would love paintballing. Anything that gets kids outside for hours at a time is a winner in my book. :)