Thursday, December 2

an emotional AND fashion wreck...

So, last night I got some news that made me sad.  It just made me sad, like couldn't sleep... just had to have a good cry until the wee hours of the morning... sad.

When the alarm went off this morning for me to get up and take the kids to seminary, I was a dreary mess to say the least.  2 hours of sleep and puffy crying eyes will do that to a gal.
As usual, I hurriedly got dressed and ran out the door.
Got the kids to seminary, waited for an hour in the truck (thankful for this detail later), raced over to Shawn's office to tag off with him for Ty, and sped home because I had to drop the kids off and be BACK in town by 8:30am for an appointment, whew!

Took an ever so quick look at myself in the mirror to confirm that I still had the miserably swollen eyes that are ever present after a good cry... yep, they were there in all their glory... and then by just sheer luck, I took a closer look at my shirt.

I had put it on backwards AND inside out.

Now that would have been a tad embarrassing if I had not caught it before exiting the house, again!
Fixed shirt, ran to appointment, ran out to M'ville for Sister's Inc, took Ty to Target... and finally arrived back home after a whirlwind day and still functioning on 2 hours of sleep.

So I now am cuddled into my bed ready for a much needed nap, my face still a big puffy mess, and I JUST noticed I have had on two different socks all day, AND I have been sporting cropped yoga pants so there is no way someone that has seen this hot mess known as me today didn't get a giggle at my socks.  UGH!  I  need a nap!

This gal shall HAVE a nap!


Karen said...

Sweet dreams. I had a day like years ago. But it was my bra. I wore it all day backwards and I was nursing. How? I still have no clue and I chuckle every time I think of it. Feel better soon.

Mike and Carrie said...

I'm sorry you were so sad. You have a gift for finding the funny during those times though. Thanks for sharing.

Sharon said...

So sorry for the bad day you had. I had a shirt on inside out at school in the 8th grade! I was mortified! Way to laugh about it and move on. I don't think I laughed about my experience for a few years. lol